Prosperous Armenia Party leader is richest MP candidate – newspaper
YEREVAN. – The ruling coalition’s Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) leader Gagik Tsarukyan is the richest among the leaders of the political parties running in the upcoming parliamentary elections, Hayots Ashkharh daily writes.
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Illegal Vote Buying in Armenia
I felt disgusted at our authorities that they drove people to such misery that 5,000 drams (about $13) is a salvation,” Manukyan said at a press conference on Wednesday.
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Armenian opposition intends more realistic scenario of upcoming elections
ANC will strive to have seats in the Parliament, in order to demand the immediate impeachment of the incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan.
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Armenian opposition demands early elections
Demand early presidential and parliamentary elections.
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Calling on forum participants
The Committee for Defense of Political Prisoners and the Politically Persecuted of Armenia has addressed a letter to the participants of the CE Forum for the "Future of Democracy".
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This report is prepared by Helsinki Association in frames of the project “The Situation of Human Rights in Armenia” with the financial assistance of US Embassy in Armenia and Fond for National Endowment for Democracy.
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Yet another protest
After the elections for Yerevan's Council of Elders, residents of the sale zone gathered in front of the Government building once again. Police officers did not let the protesters stand in front of the building and they held their protest a little far from the building.
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"The opposition is ready for abrupt steps"
HAK Coordinator Levon Zurabyan today referred to yesterday's vote violations. "The authorities are doing their best for us to speak to them in their language, i.e. in the language of violence and beating," said Mr. Zurabyan.
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Armenia: Skewed Prosecution Over 2008 Clashes
Armenia has yet to hold the police accountable for their excessive use of force a year after a day of clashes with protesters that led to at least 10 deaths, Human Rights Watch said in a comprehensive report today.
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Envoy Repeats U.S. Concerns About Armenia Detainees
The United States remains seriously concerned about the continuing imprisonment of Armenian opposition members and expects the authorities in Yerevan to close the controversial criminal cases against them, a senior U.S. diplomat said on Thursday.
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Since the tragic events of March 1 and imposition of a state of emergency the acting regime has roughly violated human rights and rejected over 70 notifications for opposition’s rallies. But even in the given conditions we did not give up. Since March 21 the Armenian National Congress has continued its struggle in Northern Avenue for 170 days holding about ten protest actions, marches and demonstrations.
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MPs Question Government Version Of Armenian Unrest
Pro-government lawmakers openly questioned on Friday the official justification for the forcible dispersal of opposition protesters camped in Yerevan’s Liberty Square last February as it emerged that there were no fingerprints on weapons which the Armenian police claim to have found there.
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Armed Demonstrators Waiting For Policemen
The only issue included in the agenda of yesterday's session of the interim parliamentary committee investigating the March 1-2 events and their causes concerned the disclosure of the details and circumstances of the incident that took place on the Theatrical Square in the morning of March 1 and the clarification of the operations of the police officers. To this end, Major-General ALEXANDER AFYAN, Deputy Chief of the Police, was invited to the committee session.
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During the All Armenian Movement rally his speech delivered Chairman of the “Hanrapetutyun” (Republic) Party Aram Z. Sargssian. “Let all the opposition leaders forgive me, but I have never met a more experienced and consistent political figure than Levon Ter-Petrossian,” he said.
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The Committee for the Protection of Political Prisoners issued a statement today which runs in part. The Armenian leadership ignored the numerous appeals of international structures and human rights activists calling for a pre-term release of Arman Babajanian, editor-in-chief of “Zhamanak Yerevan” and “Zhamanak Los Angeles.”
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The Committee for the Protection of Political Prisoners will henceforth attend all events organised by the political prisoners' wives. Today they staged a protest action near the RoA General Prosecutor's Office. They called for an urgent release of the detainees. The protesters lodged a written and oral request to Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepian. Then they held a spontaneous march to the RoA Government with the posters and photos of the political prisoners. A protester mounted the steps of the Government building and shouted: “Who is a genuine president?” “Levon, president!” chanted the presentees.
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Liberty Square on Remembrance day of Armenian Genocide
On Remembrance Day of Armenia’s genocide, as usual I was out on my daily constitutional, and as usual I walked through Armenia’s Freedom Square. The evening before, I had joined the younger generation when they gathered in their thousands at the square with their bottled candles and I saw how they left the square on a march to the Genocide memorial. So I was not surprised to see that the square was full of busses, I assumed waiting for those youngsters who had spent the night at the memorial.
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Armenia after the Election - Testimony by Giorgi Gogia, Caucasus Researcher, to the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (US Helsinki Commission)
Last month’s events not only threw the country into political crisis, they constituted a serious human rights crisis. The way the Armenian government responds to this crisis will test the integrity of its democratic institutions and its commitment to international human rights standards. This is also an opportunity for the United States to constructively engage to resolve one of the worst human rights crises in the country.
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Peaceful protester run over by a police car
Less than two weeks ago, I posted here a video evidence that clearly shows "how allegedly police car run one protester over on Paronyan street in central Yerevan".
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Veterans Arrested for Political Views - Lilia Chakarian
Over 15 veterans gathered in front of Court of General Jurisdiction at Arabkir and Kanaker area where the trial of Volodya Avetisyan will soon start.
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In Annual Rights Report, U.S. Warns Of 'Instability' Following Arab Spring
In a new report, the U.S. State Department calls last year’s uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa “inspirational." The report says citizens of Armenia live under significant limitations on their right to change their government, a lack of free speech and press, and a government-influenced judicial system. The report found that the Republican Party of Armenia, led by President Serzh Sarksian, continues to dominate the political system. It said Armenian authorities arrested and detained criminal suspects without reasonable suspicion, and often detained individuals because of their opposition political affiliations or activities.
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Political Persecution - Lilia Chakarian
Sukiasyan announced today that he was nominated by the majoritarian system in constituency No. 10 as a councilmember, but by the order of the totalitarian power, the police, who initially gave him the paperwork that Sukiasyan had been living in Armenia for the past 5 years, gave a second paper where the police are denying him of becoming a delegate because during the past 5 years, he was absent from the country for 10 months. Absurdity CONTINUES…
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Dead Democracy
Rampant and blatant voting discrepancies in Armenia’s parliament prompted Armenian Revolutionary Federation bloc president Vahan Hovannesian to call the ruling party’s promise of democratic elections a “lie.”
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Prominent Journalist Arrested
A prominent journalist working for Armenia’s leading pro-opposition newspaper was arrested on Friday on charges of injuring another man which his colleagues rejected as baseless and politically motivated.
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Opposition Bloc Warns Of Post-Election ‘Revolution’
Armenia’s political leadership should refrain from rigging next year’s parliamentary elections or face an anti-government “revolution,” a top representative of the main opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) said on Wednesday.
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Armenian Opposition Slams Choice Of New Parliament Speaker
YEREVAN -- The opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) has condemned the upcoming election of Samvel Nikoyan as the new speaker of Armenia's parliament, RFE/RL's Armenian Service reports.
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Ter-Petrosian Changes Focus To 2012 Elections
The Armenian National Congress (HAK) may well fail to force President Serzh Sarkisian to resign soon and should therefore start preparing for regular parliamentary elections due in May next year, the opposition bloc’s top leader, Levon Ter-Petrosian, said on Friday.
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Armenian Opposition Condemns Activist's Arrest
The opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) has demanded the immediate release of one of its activists arrested after a scuffle with police.
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Armenia protesters threaten political unrest
Yerevan. Around 6,000 protesters rallied in the Armenian capital on Friday, calling for early elections in the ex-Soviet state and threatening political unrest if their demands are not met.
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OSCE Watchdog Insists On More Human Rights Safeguards In Armenia
A senior official from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe urged the Armenian authorities on Thursday to add more human rights safeguards to national legislation on the due process of law.
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Oskanian Fears ‘Absolute Rule’ In Armenia
In a written statement, Oskanian expressed serious concern about key points of a joint declaration issued by Armenia’s three governing parties on Thursday.
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Release Pashinyan: Editors in Armenia issue joint call over their jailed colleague
Editors of Armenian newspapers say they will to continue to demand the release from prison of Nikol Pashinyan, an ultra-oppositionist activist and protest leader who has also been editor of Haykakan Zhamanak daily. Pashinyan is currently serving a seven-year prison term for his role in the 2008 post-election clashes.
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Efforts for Jailed Opposition Members’ Release
The leader of a major Armenian opposition party has warned the authorities that they will seek a broader international support in achieving the release of a dozen or so members of their alliance who, the opposition claims, remain jailed for their political views.
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PACE delegate: “There are 13 political prisoners in Armenia”
On October 6, member of the Armenian delegation PACE, to Heritage Party MP Zaruhi Postanjyan delivered a speech in the PACE Monitoring Committee
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ANC: “Serzh Sargsyan will be held responsible”
As expected, the revelation and prevention of the regime's latest bandit plans against political prisoner, editor-in-chief of "Armenian Times" newspaper and representative of the Armenian National Congress's central office Nikol Pashinyan have raised public concern in Armenian civil society and the presses.
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Protests help waken public consciousness
As every Friday, the relatives and wives of the Armenian political prisoners today gathered outside the office of the RA Prosecutor General vociferating "Freedom to political prisoners," "Free and independent Armenia."
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Demand: “Armenia must have no political prisoner”
It is already two years the relatives of the Armenian political prisoners gather outside the office of the RA Prosecutor General
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Armenian Oppositionist Completes Jail Term
An Armenian opposition activist was set free on Thursday after completing a controversial prison sentence stemming from Armenia’s 2008 presidential race.
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UN Expert Concerned About Restraints on Freedom of Assembly in Armenia
Armenian authorities must take steps to protect human rights defenders, who are often physically attacked, harassed or stigmatized as they try to carry out their work in the Caucasus nation, an independent United Nations expert said on June 18.
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Who is next?
The death of Hamlet Stepanyan, convicted in the case of October 27, is the most recent in a number of others deaths of individuals who were in some way or another connected with that case.
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RA Criminal Court of Appeals Dismissed the Appeal
By its decision of April 30, the RA Criminal Court of Appeals refused to take into consideration, and review, appeals made by Nikol Pashinyan’s attorneys as well as those by the Prosecutor’s office.
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Armenian Police In Rare Apology Over Torture
In an unprecedented public apology, the chief of Armenia’s police service admitted on Friday misleading the nation about the recent scandalous death of a young man in police custody.
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Pashinyan's verdict to be reached on January 19
The audience was full and the atmosphere was tense at the court before the start of editor-in-chief of "Haykakan Zhamanak" Nikol Pashinyan's trial today.
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Jirayr Sefilyan – Levon Ter-Petrosyan Has Strayed from the Principles of the Pan-National Movement; Not Us
How would you describe the current state of domestic politics in Armenia? The political field in our country today is worse off than ever. The question remains if a political field even exists given that the despotic regime in power has done everything to prevent the formation of a political field as classically understood.
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Ter-Petrosyan – Yerevan mayor? Clever move by Armenian opposition, and good news for democracy in Armenia
Armenia’s first president and opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan will head the list of opposition Armenian National Congress candidates in Yerevan municipal election (= Yerevan mayor election). No. 2 in the list is Stepan Demirchyan. (I do not know if Ter-Petrosyan would step down after winning the election, to make Demirchyan a mayor, but this is not important right now) They will now continue formal consultations with the parliamentary opposition Heritage party for joint participation in election. I do hope that cool heads in the opposition (parliamentary + extra-parliamentary) will prevail to contest the election united.
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Fugitive Oppositionist Sees No Alternative To ‘Revolution’
A fugitive opposition figure who played a key role in the massive post-election protests in Yerevan insisted Thursday that democratic “revolution” is the only way to effect change in Armenia and that President Serzh Sarkisian has done nothing to prove the opposite.
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French-Armenian Activist ‘Facing Deportation From Armenia’
A French citizen of Armenian descent who actively participated in this year’s post-election rallies in Yerevan is facing deportation from Armenia, it was claimed on Thursday.
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Armenia (latest news): “Mook” the speaker; local elections marred by violence
1. ‘Not fit for purpose’ – this was the judgment by ruling Republican party for current speaker of Armenian parliament Tigran Torosyan. A judgment which was expected as soon as it became known that the head of presidential administration Hovik Abrahamyan decided to run for a vacant position of deputy. This decision paves the way for him to become a speaker of Armenian parliament (he has just been released of duties as head of presidential administration).
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Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s Supporters Apply to CEC to Annul Serzh Sargsyan’s Registration
Interesting development, although hardly anything will come out of this. At any rate, as ArmInfo reports, Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s supporters have applied to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Armenia to annul presidential candidate, Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan’s registration. During his meeting with journalists at Hayatsk club, on Tuesday, the Press-secretary of the Armenian ex-president’s campaign headquarters Arman Musinyan has also told the journalists, that the means being spent on the campaign by the candidate from power aren’t evidently from Sargsyan’s election campaign fund. If the CEC fails to annul Sargsyan’s registration within 3 days, the oppositionists will apply to court “to acknowledge the inactivity” of the CEC. He added that numerous facts of violations of electoral legislation have already been presented to international observers.
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Justification for the Sake of the Nation
The cause of the home political crisis in Armenia is that the society is unable to shape a legitimate government, and this government is shaped independently from the society and acts on internal arrangements rather than the law. Manvel Sargsyan, expert of the Armenian Center of National and International Studies, spoke about this in a discussion on June 3. According to him, being unable to fulfill its right to establish a Constitutional government and a Constitutional order of rule, the society has actually appeared outside the ongoing process and has become a body which has duties and has ceded its rights to the privileged class.
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On April 17 the Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) passed a resolution on Armenia according to which Armenia’s leaderships are to release those detained on political motivations...
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Violence following the elections in Armenia
In the wake of the presidential elections in Armenia on 19 February, a police crackdown against opposition supporters who were peacefully contesting the results left eight dead and dozens injured. A state of emergency was declared on 1 March and media freedom has been restricted. Parliament's resolution, adopted by 60 votes to 1 with 2 abstentions, deplores the loss of life, urges all parties to act responsibly and calls on the authorities to investigate the violence and take other measures.
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US sharply condemns Armenian government crackdown on opposition
WASHINGTON (AP) - A senior U.S. official who recently returned from Armenia sharply condemned a government crackdown on protests following last month's presidential election. U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza also raised concern about the recent arrests of government opponents close to former president Levon Ter-Petrosian.
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Armenia: Civilians Die as Police Suppress Demonstrations and Riots
The Armenian government should launch a prompt and independent investigation into the use of lethal force by security forces to quell demonstrations and rioting overnight on March 1, 2008, Human Rights Watch said today. The violence occurred after a 20-day state of emergency was declared by President Robert Kocharian in response to an alleged threat to public order posed by opposition demonstrators.
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Deadly post-election protests in Armenia concern UN human rights chief
The United Nations human rights chief today voiced deep concern at reports that at least eight people have been killed and many others injured during demonstrations in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, where the results of recent presidential elections have been disputed.
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Armenian Oppositionists ‘Tortured In Jail’
The Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights on Friday called for an independent investigation into Armenia’s deadly post-election unrest and said opposition supporters arrested by the authorities in recent weeks have been ill-treated in custody.
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