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The Constitution of Republic of Armenia clearly states
Article 1. The Republic of Armenia is a sovereign, democratic state, based on social justice and the rule of law.

Article 2. In the Republic of Armenia power lies with the people. The people exercise their power through free elections and referenda, as well as through state and local self-governing bodies and public officials as provided by the Constitution. The usurpation of power by any organization or individual constitutes a crime.

Article 3. The elections of the President, the National Assembly and local self-governing bodies of the Republic of Armenia, as well as referenda, are held based on the right to universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot.

Article 4. The state guarantees the protection of human rights and freedoms based on the Constitution and the laws, in accordance with the principles and norms of international law.

Article 5. State power shall be exercised in accordance with the Constitution and the laws based on the principle of the separation of the legislative, executive and judicial powers. State bodies and public officials may execute only such acts as authorized by legislation.
In reality; however, Armenia still remains a thoroughly corrupt oligopoly, where government officials, their relatives, friends, bodyguards and even bodyguards’ relatives and friends are above the law. The very same people who are supposed to uphold the Constitution and facilitate lawful governance cling to power by ruthlessly punishing those who question criminally imposed authority. Several large groups of the society – opposition, press, religious ethnic and sexual minorities are continuously harassed, assaulted, beaten, imprisoned and killed. The perpetrators and culprits are not acquitted or even tried. As conscientious Armenians and just compassionate human beings, we cannot and shall not remain silent. Living in a free society and enjoying freedom of speech obligates us to remember our brothers and sisters who are stripped off fundamental human rights such as access to information or peaceful gathering; we shall let the truth be heard.
Sarkis Chakarian – Co-founder Yerevan Nights